Ends in: 23 hours
Event date: May 2020
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DevSum  Stockholm, Sweden

For the sixteenth consecutive year, we at Addskills Cornerstone are proud to present the biggest Developer Conference in Sweden – DevSum.

Ends in: 5 days
Event date: Jan 2020
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DotNetFriday  Nieuwegein, Netherlands

This is a DotNet MeetUp group. The meetups are hosted by @4DotNet and take place 4 times a year

Ends in: 2 weeks
Event date: Jun 2020
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Techorama BE 2020  Antwerpen, Belgium

We are happy to announce Techorama 2020 Las Vegas Edition, taking place in Kinepolis Antwerp (Belgium) on June 2 - 4 2020. If you thought Sp...

Ends in: 4 weeks
Event date: Mar 2020
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AzureDay Poland 2020  Arche Hotel Krakowska, Aleja Krakowska, Warsaw, Poland

AzureDay Poland

Ends in: 13 weeks
Event date: May 2020
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Azure Fest NL  Veenendaal, Netherlands

Azure Fest is a free, single day event for all things Azure; Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. We bring together local community...