Ends in: 2 days
Event date: Jun 2019
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Prairie Dev Con Winnipeg 2019  Winnipeg, MB, Canada

NOTE: Only speakers from within Northern America will have their expenses covered. Prairie Dev Con will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Cana...

Ends in: 1 week
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Call for Speakers - JetBrains .NET webinars 2019  Online

For 2019, the .NET team at JetBrains plans to host several webinars with community speakers, exploring .NET topics that are relevant to a br...

Ends in: 2 weeks
Event date: Jun 2019
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JUN 09-10, 2019, Thessaloniki - DEVit Conference  Thessaloniki, Greece

Find out the latest trends and techniques for Frontend, Backend, DevOps and Mobile! Meet all the cool people! We are 360° and proud of it!

Ends in: 3 weeks
Event date: May 2019
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Microsoft Build 2019 Developer Conference May 6-8 Seattle, WA  Seattle, WA, USA

Join developers and software engineers at Microsoft Build to experience the latest developer tools and technologies. Imagine. Create. Code

Ends in: 5 weeks
Event date: Oct 2019
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Techorama Netherlands 2019  Ede, Netherlands

Techorama is a yearly international technology conference which started in Belgium in 2014. In 2018, Techorama had its first run in the Neth...

Ends in: 9 weeks
Event date: Sep 2019
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ProgNET London 2019  London, UK

We know how it goes. You go to a conference, listen to awesome talks and leave full of ideas you can’t wait to implement. The next week you’...